...from the Hong Kong Book archive...

A collection of over 60 sketches and paintings of life in Hong Kong from 1996-1997 has been carefully archived to become part of a book, now in progress. It promises to be a valuable memoir reflecting the development of this remarkable place

different sketches from the archive are exhibited here every month

Pam is inviting those who have lived and worked with/in Hong Kong to offer articles, comments or to be interviewed....from street traders to the professions, Mum's, sons and daughters...to government officials. Your words will capture the real Hong Kong. ...... extraordinary facts,  stories and that special Hong Kong humour.

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send your name and email address to Pam at; 'Contact' at the top of the page

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 email: pwill8888@aol.com  Tel: +44 0207 652 1100

'Everybody's comments are valuable'

...Thankyou to everyone who is taking part in this adventure...

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