Art Courses & Workshops


Have a single 2 hour session to set you 'on track', or a 5 week course, once a week, to take you to another level. Whichever suits you.

In Studio: Children £12.00 per hour / Adults £20.00 per hour. At home or work: £40.00 a session. (One to one, 5 week courses: Book in advance to secure your time)

A gift of classes can be a perfect idea for a friend or family member at any time.

Call the studio, Tel:02076521100 or send a message from here at 'contact' in the menu

WORKSHOPS BY REQUEST, AT SCHOOLS OR COLLEGES / AT EVENTS & FESTIVALS to suit your schedule and budgets. working with school teachers is very popular.

 Pam coaches keen artists of all ages from 8 years to professionals who want to improve their drawing abilities. This is Pam's speciality and the knowledge of using Water colours. To understand and develop their own ideas and passions.

To be able to progress happily with a better understanding of how to direct their own work.

did you know? good drawing raises school grades - helps to secure a place at college 

understanding observation establishes a strong foundation to your work and for your future

For professionals it broadens your skill base and usefulness within the business

work with an expert - become more confident in your own work.

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